Benefits for Clients
Higher ROI and LTV
  • Lower acquisition costs due to machine learning optimization
  • In-built DMP with relevant persona categories
  • Look-alike targeting
  • Adjusted bidding for the right user at the right time
Marketing Effort Reduction
  • Intuitive dashboard navigation
  • AI does all the time-consuming optimization
  • Consolidation of multiple marketing channels in a single interface
  • Advanced analytics and reporting
Better Predictability
  • Media planning tools
  • Reliable forecasts based on campaign insights
  • Smarter budget allocation
Audience Knowledge Accumulation
  • System remembers all your users and their activity history
  • System suggests you the targeting
  • The longer you work with system the wiser it becomes
How Quple algorithms work
Right Place
Showing ads within proper publishers:
We gathered app/site statistics and detailed content category for millions of publishers, and analyze this info in real-time for each bidding decision.
Right Ad
Automotive picking of best creative:
AI engine together with automated split tests defines the best creative individually for each inbound user.
Right User
Showing ads only to most relevant users:
We track millions of users and organize them into behavioral segments, so for each bidding decision we analyze long-term user statistics to predict bid outcome.
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