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Our DSP brings best from 2 worlds

Audience Reach


400K Apps


700K Placements


5B Impressions / Day

6Icon Copy 3@2x

Campaign Performance


In house real-time anti fraud


Laser precision targeting


Campaign auto-optimization



Each brand that takes its business serious, needs to be strongly integrated into digital environment.

To stay on the top of the game, you have to grow your user base constantly and don’t forget about brand recognition.

Quple knows how to solve 2 problems at once.

Our technology, combined with exemplary managed service takes the cake for both – global inventory and control on user’s acquisition quality.

When AI is backed by ultimate customer success, there’s nothing left but to unleash the potential of your programmatic marketing needs.



Allocating media budget is always a challenge.Which source suits best? How to increase reach? How to engage the right user?

Quple has an answer for all the questions. Our self-serve DSP allows you to engage the most relevant audience.

Powerful predictive algorithms shouldn’t toughen media buying and be a rocket science.

We offer easy-to-use interface, audience segmentation, custom rules and targeting settings, dynamic whitelists/blacklists, rich media formats, auto-bidding and many more.

Spend your budget wisely without sacrificing volumes.

Disruptive Features

Predictive Bidding

Quple uses machine learning methods to predict user reaction and conversion probability BEFORE contacting him with ads.
Just several milliseconds before showing the ads predictor analyzes more than 40 parameters of user, publisher, content, geo, time etc and make deep prediction of contact outcome. The ad is shown only in case of positive forecast.

Custom Segments

If existing targeting opportunity is not enough for buyer, he may specify the requirements and generate his own segments. System will build them up buyer will be able to target required audience.
E.g. when running game campaigns buyer might build the game specific segments like “fans of PVP strategies in medieval setting” or when running fin-tech campaigns buyer might setup the segment like “users who are looking for quick loan”.

Fraud Protection

Quple uses in-house real-time anti-fraud solution to detect fraud before bid, so that we save huge portion of budget and increase campaigns performance.
Also we’re partnered with all major anti-fraud providers, so that advertisers has additional level of confidence about IVT filtering.

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